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Paleoceanography of deep-sea corals

  • NW Atlantic (PNAS paper)

  • Hawaii (Nature and Science papers)

Groundwater methane in Nova Scotia (GaSP)


     The Gas Seepage Project (GaSP) is a multi-phase collaborative research initiative aiming to mitigate methane emissions from the fossil fuel sector (oil, gas, coal) in the Canadian Maritimes. The project team includes Eastern Canadian academic and industry partners, and our particular contribution to the project has been to study groundwater methane. Please visit the project page for more information. 

AirWaterGas – Groundwater methane in Colorado

AirWaterGas – Mobile Methane – DJ and San Juan Basins

     We are currently working on a research paper in collaboration with NOAA, INSTAAR, and St. Francis Xavier University to isolate, attribute and measure methane emissions from various sources in the DJ Basin. 

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