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     The Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry Laboratory is located in Dalhousie University's new, state of the art Steele Ocean Science Building (SOSB) on Oxford Street in Halifax. Our lab was completed with the generous support of the Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI). We are located on the third floor of the SOSB, adjacent to the OFI, in room 3-46. 


GC-IRMS Instrumentation

     Our instrumentation consists of a brand new (installed January 2019) Thermo Trace 1310 Gas Chromatograph (GC), coupled via GC Isolink II and Conflo IV universal interface to a Delta V Plus Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (IRMS).


  • The Trace 1310 GC separates organic compounds.

  • The GC Isolink II combusts or pyrolyzes organic compounds into simple gases (H2, CO2, O2) and removes interfering compounds.

  • The Conflo IV Interface ensures a continuous flow of sample and reference gases to the IRMS.

  • The Delta V Plus IRMS measures isotope ratios
     H, 𝛿   C, 𝛿   N, 𝛿   O).

2              13            15            18


We would love to put our GC-IRMS and expertise working with compound-specific isotope analysis of organic compounds to work for you. 

At this time we offer our services on a sliding-scale basis, depending the type and location of your institution. Please inquire within for a quote and timeline. 

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